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Re: joblist for smaller feature localisation for germany

* Maximilian Wilhelm (max@rfc2324.org) [040724 14:54]:
> Am Samstag, den 24. Juli hub Andreas Schuldei folgendes in die Tasten:
> > * squid-guard preconfigureing and autoupdating
> What about dense guardian?
> This tool does watch the http-stream, too.

doesnt it consume considerable CPU? 

in my oppinion this should run on a dedicated machine, e.g. a

> > * network reconfiguration (different IP ranges)
> I had a look at our configs, where IPs are used.
> It should be rather easy to manage that, by putting some strings line
> _NETMASK_ _TJENERIP_ _TERMINALSERVER_ into the raw configs and use e.g.
> sed to put in the right values later.
> Someone has to build a fronent which asks for
> network e.g.
> netmask e.g. (/23 might also be possible?)
>              I would like to make sure, that *every* network has to
> 	     be at least /23 to make sure not to break any Skolelinux
> 	     setting.
> gateway	e.g.  (I'm not sure, if it is usefull to ask this.
>                         Otherwise we would not be really flexible.
> 			A gateway like might be a bad idea,
> 			but if it is there, we have to avoid trouble...)
> broadcast will be auto-generated.
> next you have to be asked for the thin-client network.
> I think it is enough to only ask for the network and make /24 and
> the last IP for the TS non-changeable default.
> As I do not know how to build such a frontend, I can't do that :)

we would need it integrated in debconf, for pre-seeding at
install/config time. this approach does not work well with this
and fails with reconfigure. it would be better to auto-generate
the config files and use the existing ones as templates and
extend them as needed.

this is described in man 7 debconf-devel, section "Config file
handling". for a way to do this cleanly and neatly check out the
config and postinstall files for webmin-ldap-user-simple (for

> > * webmin-ldap-user-simpe (useradmin system): add controls to interface
> >   with squid-guard for disabeing internet access for users and groups
> > what else requires developer-skills?
> As I wrote in a (zero reply) mail before, we need some mechanism to add
> maschines to the skolelinux network.

added this to the list

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