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Re: half thick clients (was:Re: Week 30 report of Knut Yrvin. Week 31 plans)

As far as NX is concerned: the only problem seems to be the server part.

It seems that only recently an open implementation of the NX specs was released, and now it's becoming more interesting to look at it.

But KNOPPIX has recently come up with a free solution for that and it's Debian, too.

OK. Do they have a server implementation that is open source?

Yes. NX sources are available under GPL. The problem is putting some components together to have the server part. KNOPPIX seems to be on the road.

Yes, There was a demo of the free server (Knoppix) and the free client (KDE) at LinuxTag end of June.

There are more infos there:

I had the chance to meet shortly with Fabian Franz (FabianFranz  at  gmx.de)  the guy behind FreeNX server (and I saw FreeNX server worked nicely  :-)  ).
At the time, he said  that the sources  were ready for release but it will come with Knoppix 3.6 (there was a special DVD Knoppix 3.5 version for LinuxTag)  and he thought it should be end of august if I well remember.

Like you said NX protocol sources are under  GPL and free servers and clients won't make any problem to nomachine since there they were pushing  to see the release of a complete free solution as well. 

I'm pleased to see Linux has at last something strong to compete against RDP/Microsoft and ICA/Citrix which has invaded here french schools ...

François Schnell - Strasbourg - France
Linux is the answer. Now, what was your question?

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