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Re: half thick clients (was:Re: Week 30 report of Knut Yrvin. Week 31 plans)

Wolfgang Schweer skrev:

I've been using LTSP at school since fall 2001 (remember those good old days translating LTSP docu?) and I'am using some local apps because of server hardware is expensive and clients (even old boxes) tend to be oversized.

lessdisks is a replacement for LTSP, but there has been some efforts recently to use X configuration schemes like those in lts.conf. In fact, if you have a running LTSP system and no local apps on client side, it won't take too much time to migrate to lessdisks.

Migrating to lessdisks was not my question. We have a working solution. It will not be changed unless there is a very good reason. As far as I have been able to ascertain, there are considerable issues with lessdisks as well as with LTSP. There is nothing wrong with LTSP, apart from the fact that it is not an official part of Debian. That is why we are even considering alternatives.

I would ideally have the ease of installation and administration that LTSP offers coupled with a way to populate the thin client root file tree. Realistically we also need to consider the by now quite considerable installed versions of Debian Edu with LTSP, and not do something too revolutionary. After all, it's the users and admins that should be happy.

Of course you are right. But believe me, it's not that hard. If you have hardware running out of the box using LTSP they will do so running lessdisks. If you have hardware, e.g graphics cards, which have to be set up using entries in lts.conf, the only thing to do is to take the entries of that host section found in lts.conf and put them in a file named like the host to configure. So you have one file per host that differs from the default entries (mice, X-Server etc.). If you use fixed ips for your net running LTSP you have to put hostnames and corresponding mac address in one single file running lessdisks, but this is only required if you want to run local apps.

So I think checking out lessdisks is a good idea.


As far as NX is concerned: the only problem seems to be the server part.

It seems that only recently an open implementation of the NX specs was released, and now it's becoming more interesting to look at it.

But KNOPPIX has recently come up with a free solution for that and it's Debian, too.

OK. Do they have a server implementation that is open source?

Yes. NX sources are available under GPL. The problem is putting some components together to have the server part. KNOPPIX seems to be on the road.


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