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Re: Week 30 report of Knut Yrvin. Week 31 plans

* Knut Yrvin (knuty@skolelinux.no) [040727 11:45]:
> tirsdag 27 juli 2004, 10:35, skrev Finn-Arne Johansen:
> > > - Take contact with the security and maintenance-team in Skolelinux
> > > to get a proposal in how we should "flag" the restart-issue when
> > > doing security patches. A lot of security-fixes don't need restart,
> > > but the kernel-updates does. (SLX, Debian Edu)
> >
> > This is done in the DESA that are sent out.
> http://www.skolelinux.no/security/
> This is very well done! Unfortunatly the company which gonna operate 200 
> schools with Skolelinux need even more framework when doing upgrades 
> and so on. This is a part of a enterprise routine that has to be both a 
> practical in an huge day-to-day opraration when managing many 
> Skolelinux installations, and it should be well documented in a ISO 
> 9001-way :-). 

iso 9001 is a killer. been there, done that. its only use is to
find someone to blame, not solutions. it creates lots of work
without benefits. if we try to become iso-9001 compliant we wont
get anything done at all but be only absorbed in following rules.
not even microsoft does it.

what is kind of information is missing?

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