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Re: I need serious help on Skolelinux.

Kurt Gramlich a écrit :
> * Mlondolozi Kosi <mlondolozi_kosi@yahoo.com> [040726 23:40]:
> > My name is Mlondolozi Kosi and I live in the strongest
> > rural areas of South Africa, in a place called
> > Transkei with 4 million people. I have 10 computers at
> > my disposal and my profound interest is to offer
> > computer technology training to the impoverished rural
> > communities using these limited resources.

Mr Mlondolozi Kosi,
can you describe some features of these computers (available RAM,
processeur speed) ?
There are scalable solutions, finding the best one may depend on the
capabilities of the hardware.

The association OFSET has output a bootable cd-rom which was found to
work at least with machines featuring 32 megabytes of RAM and a
processor frequency of 300 MHz.
This cd-rom is suitable for demonstrations very easily, and it brings
abourt fourty educational applications out of the box. There is no
installation on the hard disk drive.

More details on http://ofset.sourceforge.net/freeduc/book/en/book.html

Best regards,			Georges.

Georges KHAZNADAR et Jocelyne FOURNIER
22 rue des mouettes, 59240 Dunkerque France.
Téléphone +33 (0)3 28 29 17 70

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