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Re: I need serious help on Skolelinux.

* Mlondolozi Kosi <mlondolozi_kosi@yahoo.com> [040726 23:40]:

> Dear Patrick

Patrick is the name of my college, my name is Kurt

> My name is Mlondolozi Kosi and I live in the strongest
> rural areas of South Africa, in a place called
> Transkei with 4 million people. I have 10 computers at
> my disposal and my profound interest is to offer
> computer technology training to the impoverished rural
> communities using these limited resources. Already, I
> have worked out a community partnership with 9 schools
> who want to participate in this program at an
> affordable rate. I will shortly email you the
> description of this rural computer technology for you
> to appreciate the capacity of the project in changing
> the lives of the poor.


> Ms. Sygrun Schnarrenberger from Berlin who attended a
> recent conference on Linux informed me about
> skolelinux program - "Linux for All". 

I remember the discussion with her.

> She even referred me to the www.debian.org website for more
> information. After visiting the website, I become
> interested in
> implementing skolelinux in my ten computers. I would
> like to run these programmes in my computer project in
> the rural areas and take Linux across the lengths and
> breadths of South Africa.

sounds good

> I am interested to know how to work with skolelinux
> and I would be so very much interested in any contacts
> you might have in RSA.

perhaps look to find debian developers from RSA

> I hope you can help me promote skolelinux in the rural
> areas of my country as we can't afford expensive
> software packages that come with all sorts of
> obligations and implications.

please subscribe the debian-edu list at

there you will find help

(skolelinux is debian-edu)

> I hope to hear from you very soon.
> warm regards,
> Mlondi

i will cc this email to the debian-edu list

Regards/Viele Gruesse!
(german skolelinux.de team)
kurt@skolelinux.de         http://www.skolelinux.de
kurt.gramlich@lugrav.de   GnuPG Key ID  0xE263 FCD4

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