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plans for week 30

coming back from the first part of my vacation, i managed to chew
through the mail-backlog. i assembled a list of tasks to take
care of to catch up with what happend in the meantime:

1) Fix WLUS to handle user and root passwords properly
2) describe some jobs for german developers within the WLUS area
3) fix fix_ldif to handle finnarnes ldif with broken samba
4) look at Max`s kerberos packagage
5) set up some infrastructure for kerberos testing here at home
6) update and fix the cerebrum package 

of those 1) and 2) should be rather easy and fast, 3) requires
some further thinking (since the proper fix to the problem would
be to check if the attribute syntax is matching the one described
in the schemas, which is a rather hard thing to do and not even
done correctly by slapadd in all cases. this could well be beyond
the scope of the fix_ldif program.), 4) and 5) could take longer
since they involve learning some new stuff, and for 6) some
package rewrite might be in order: it might be good to use a
build directory for making changes to the code (like changing the
python version used), some new packages might be necessary (for
the webinterface) and a password handling fix is still

not really sure how far i will get. i might prioritize 6 over 4+5
to get cerebrum uploaded into the debian archive and into sarge.

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