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Re: Skolelinux CDs

tirsdag 13. juli 2004, 22:27, skrev Rune Nordbøe Skillingstad:
> but I think we will have to provide source for all the 
> .deb-packages as well. 

Petter, Finn-Arne and me was on a mini developer-gathering today. This 
was one of many topics. 

One idea was to make a boot-build-and-install directly from source-CD. 
The build-binaries get installed on the machine, and we build and 
install all of Skolelinux from source.  The Gentoo-killer ;-)

But to be realistic. We thought the right ting to do was to deliver all 
the GPL-source (and the other copyleft etc. code) in Skolelinux on 2 or 
3 CD's.  This can be bought for production/shipment-cost, or downloaded 
from the server. The sources will be in the Debian source format :-). 

Knut Yrvin

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