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Re: Debian-edu sarge

Hi Finn-Arne,

thank you for your thorough report. Now, I understand the problems a bit 
better, that delay the release of sarge with skolelinux. 

Am Samstag 10 Juli 2004 15:43 schrieb Finn-Arne Johansen:
> I have in my testbench now a venus Main server and a Sarge ltspserver
> with the old packages for ltsp from ltsp3. (The same as we use in
> venus).

If there is a decision to be made to split installation CDs for LTSP 
server from tjener, I'd plea to do it. It might be nice to have all on 
one installation CD - expecially if you want to allow that all servers 
run on one machine - but on the other hand, the image exeeded 650 MB 
for quite a while now, so maybe splitting images (work station, ltsp, 
tjener) is a good idea.

Can't tell anything about the other issues, sorry, the German 
KMLinux-TSE distribution uses LTSP as well, I suppose - and is SuSE 


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