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Bug#257934: very slow munin-node installation due to dns issues

Package: debian-edu
Severity: normal

I install using the debian-edu sarge CD, and pick the Main-Server and
Workstation profiles. The resulting system installs munin-node, and it
takes a very long time to configure it, something like 20 minutes.
Apparently the problem is that munin-node does many DNS lookups when
configured, and there is something wrong with the DNS configuration at
this point.

The DNS server is running (and restarting it does not seem to help), but
DNS lookups hang for a minute until a timeout is reached and we get back
"nameserver not responding". This seems to have something to do with the
debian-edu dns config. One possible clue is that while lookups like
"host localhost" hang, reverse lookups like "host" work fine.

After the install, the DNS does start working properly, the debian-edu
tests, which include DNS lookups, pass.

see shy jo

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