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Re: Q: sense of ~/pub ?

>> Suggestion: The files are initially set to be readable by all, but
>> particular directories are created in which the content is initially
>> blocked. This will simplify deciding whether the file should be made 
>> readable or not. Concretely, umask should be set to 002, and ~/
>> created with priviliges 0775, ~/priv/ given 0750,and ~/pub/ given 
>> 0775.  
> Does this say, that in further releases the access to plain files in ~/. 
> might change while ~/pub is granted to stay 0775?

I believe the current settings will stay as they are.  The comments
were intended as recommendations.  Users are recommended to use
~/priv/ as a private storage area, ~/pub/ as a public storage area,
and to adjust the permissions on the files elsewhere as they see fit.

Personally, I believe it is a good thing for others to be able to see
my configuration files, and for myself to be able to see other peoples
configuration files.  It make it easier to learn from others.

> Does this mean, files in ~/pub cannot made read protected as opposed to 
> files in ~/. ?

It is only a recommendation.  Users can do whatever they want.

> Okay, files in ~/pub may be set to 777, then?

Yes, it is possible to set them to 777.  It is probably not a wise
thing to do, and one need to consider the consequences before one do
such thing. :)

>> - access to home directories (*~/.)? - home directories - shared 
>> directories? 
> this is a remaining comment, I guess?

Yes.  The note isn't complete.

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