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Weekly repport from week 26

* Meetings

- Meeting with Network for IT-Research and Competence in Education
  (ITU) is an academic and administrative unit, which is a part of the
  Faculty of Education, at the University of Oslo.

- Meeting with a Machine vendor for deployment of Skolelinux

- Speaking about SLX Debian labs as a privately founded FOSS competence
  center in the European Union. The other countries has public founded
  FOSS competence centers. A transcript of the speech will be filed in
  the end of week 27.

- Meeting the Skolelinux-project in Germany at LinuxTag 2004. Great
  work from 10 of the Skolelinux-gang down there :-)

* Work

- Writing a report from the trip to a workshop at the European
  Commission OSS project in the IDA-program (Interchange of Data
  between administrations)

- Handling the travel to and from Karlsruhe in Germany 

- Report from the LinuxTag

- Answering a lot of e-mail

* Next step 

- Make a list of the day-to-day operation when doing centralized
  maintenance of many Skolelinux-networks.

- Make a list of reorganizing things in OpenOffice (plan for financing
  the translation of version 2,m and maintenance the project).

Knut Yrvin July 7. 2004

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