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Weekly repport from week 27

* Meetings

- With project participants form gnu/LinEx, PSL Brazil (Telecontros)
- Informal meetings with the project leader for the Linux Terminal
  Server Project.
- A lot of other meetings at the GUADEC 2004 to get developers to work
  together with the Debian edu effort.
- Meeting about practical work when doing day-to-day maintenance of
  many Skolelinux networks

* Work

- Make the Joint statement
- Answered questions form the EU2FOSS-project
- Quality insurance of the speech held at the IDA OSS workshop in
- Contacts with the press about free software. Write an article about
  the Joint statement

* Next step 

- Making a job description
- Making a over all project outline
- Continue pursuing the financing of the OpenOffice 2.0 translation
- Get financing of the work with EU2FOSS
- Following up the job description for Andreas

Knut Yrvin july 7. 2004

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