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weekly report week 27

Work done last week:

  - Merged many skolelinux changes into debian-cd, added a debian-edu branch
    to debian-cd cvs containing the rest of the changes, and a build structure
    to debian-edu cvs to build CDs. Switched it to only build the first
    binary CD. Build mails are now sent to the commits list.
  - Set up a local mirror and checkout of cd build system to shorten my CD
    test cycle and reduce the load on developer.skolelinux.no.
  - More discussion of the testing security updates proposal with numerous
  - Got the sarge CDs building under sarge, as well as under woody.
  - Fixed the d-i umount bug.
  - Set up "secure-testing" alioth project.

Plans for this week:

  - Build out the testing security updates infrastructure and run
    some security fixes through it.
  - Work with finnarne to on fixing more bugs in the sarge CD.
  - Decide how the next d-i release should happen. Currently I have some
    doubts about the process we're using to make releases. We have a
    meeting scheduled for tomorrow to discuss this and other issues.

see shy jo

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