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Re: huge "music.raw" files fill up home0

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Ralf Gesellen°setter wrote:
| Am Donnerstag 29 April 2004 18:56 schrieb Ralf:
|>Several home directories contain a file named "music.raw" sized up to
|>360 MB! I fear that those were autogenerated, maybe by dcompris (or
|>by any other program using sound and redirecting it to a file).
|>Is this suspect true? How can I redirect audio streams to /dev/null
|>by default?
| Dear List,
| now, as I found this file on my own PC, I was able to check its contents
| using bplay -Ss44100 -b16 music.raw
| It is created by bb, the aa demo movie. We had used bb to create some
| network traffic for testing .... Meanwhile, bb is deinstalled, and
| there were no further ocurrences of this issue ...

Did you file a bugreport?

You filing it instead of me is probably better, because you know of
details the maintainer and/or author may ask about when and how the
problem occurs.

~ - Jonas

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