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Re: huge "music.raw" files fill up home0

Am Donnerstag 29 April 2004 18:56 schrieb Ralf:
> Several home directories contain a file named "music.raw" sized up to
> 360 MB! I fear that those were autogenerated, maybe by dcompris (or
> by any other program using sound and redirecting it to a file).
> Is this suspect true? How can I redirect audio streams to /dev/null
> by default?
> Thanks
> Ralf

Dear List, 
now, as I found this file on my own PC, I was able to check its contents 
using bplay -Ss44100 -b16 music.raw

It is created by bb, the aa demo movie. We had used bb to create some 
network traffic for testing .... Meanwhile, bb is deinstalled, and 
there were no further ocurrences of this issue ...


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