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Re: weekly report week 22, 23

On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, Joey Hess wrote:

> 	- On the plane back, rewrote tasksel; the new one is debconf
> 	  pre-seedable and will play better with debian-edu eventually.
Hmmm, is there any solution for #186085 on the horizon which would help
*any* CDD?  I'm always happy about any advantage for Debian-Edu but
general CDD-help would be even better.

> Attendees discussed various country-specific needs:
> 	- in Germany, teachers require a way to turn off all monitors
Uhmm, perhaps pupil should wear the glasses of Zaphod Beeblebrox who
turn opaque in case of some danger.  (Stupid requirement - I hope
they will not do so in the classroom of my son.)
By the way if you really need such a program call it ZaphodsGlasses. ;-)

> project that Mark Shuttleworth founded, and a project he started in
> South Africa to get linux into schools.
Promissing cooperation ...

Kind regards


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