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Re: non-free?

* Sajith VK (sajithvk@hotpop.com) [040327 03:58]:
> Opera is not a free software, and hence IMHO
> it is not the alternative model. 


> > The most important question for us just now is to close bugs ... I cant 
> > see your name in the effort in making Skolelinux better with testing 
> > and bug-squashing activities. You effort will be appreciated!
> Two points.
> First I wish to tell that I tried to rise the issue of non-free 
> not to hurt anyone. Skolelinux is a good quality product and we
> wish to use it here. 
> But we cant spread something with non-free content.
> That is why we rised issue of "non-free" here, to know
> wheather we can expect a free skolelinux in the near future. If
> we feel skolelinux is not a good initiative, we just ignore it.
> Second, dont expect all persons who comment on skolelinux should
> be developpers. Yes, decision is yours. So consider our comments
> as "bug reports",(I consider existence of "non-free" is the major
> bug here...). 

it is a totally valid bugreport. we keep a bugzilla for software
and problems specific to skolelinux/debian-edu at

> Also I am totaly confused. what exactly is the relation between
> skolelinux and debian-edu? 

hehe. it is the same. skolelinux is norwegian and for that reason
not suited all over the world. furthermore we want to emphasize
that that we are debian, and hance adopted the debian-edu
subproject, which was inactive.

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