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Re: non-free?


> Opera shows how to include others that don't follows the open source 
> business model. Every time somebody attack Skolelinux to be to 
> idealistic and bad for business in a MS FUD-way (and believe me they do 
> even if their own job is more in jeopardy bacause of huge governmental 
> tax-cuts which cut's a lot of jobs in public sector), we just answer 
> that Microsoft is invited to do the same as Opera: to make their 
> product runnable on Free Software with open standards. 
Opera is not a free software, and hence IMHO
it is not the alternative model. 

> We don't know why this is so difficult for a company with Microsoft 
> resources when a small Norwegian company does it? In our perspective 
> the Microsoft-FUD will be stopped at the doorstep and we can advance 
> further with installing Skolelinux beyond the Windows-Joe's objections. 
> In that way it's more easy to fight down the local ICT-managers who are 
> more interested in doing their job for Microsoft than for their users 
> (costumers). 
> We are not against everybody else. We are strongly supporter of free 
> software to solve the needs in education. We have some ideas and 
> practice on the methods in doing that without a lot of external effort 
> with almost no money. In that respect I think the advice from Petter 
> and Andreas should be followed. In that way we don't confirme the 
> Windows-Joe's  loudmouthed FUD by enforce unpractialities when 
> distributing the Skolelinux CD. We just ask the question why Microsoft 
> don't when Opera does?
Still I dont know what is better in Opera, when comapered to Micorsoft?
"Running in Linux" is not the major issue. Does it give you the freedom?

> The most important question for us just now is to close bugs ... I cant 
> see your name in the effort in making Skolelinux better with testing 
> and bug-squashing activities. You effort will be appreciated!
Two points.
First I wish to tell that I tried to rise the issue of non-free 
not to hurt anyone. Skolelinux is a good quality product and we
wish to use it here. But we cant spread something with non-free content.
That is why we rised issue of "non-free" here, to know
wheather we can expect a free skolelinux in the near future. If
we feel skolelinux is not a good initiative, we just ignore it.

Second, dont expect all persons who comment on skolelinux should
be developpers. Yes, decision is yours. So consider our comments
as "bug reports",(I consider existence of "non-free" is the major
bug here...). 

Also I am totaly confused. what exactly is the relation between
skolelinux and debian-edu? 

Thanks and regards,
"Freedom Matters"
Sajith VK

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