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Re: School admin tools....

Am Donnerstag, 25. März 2004 15:14 schrieb Sajith VK:
> 2. FET : School Timetabling
>         http://www.lalescu.ro/liviu/fet/index.html
>         A good timetabling software using genetic algorithm.
>         Debian package not available (?)

Dear Sajiht,

thank you very much for these hints! Of course, we should also boost 
migration of the administrational level at schools. As for Germany, 
however, there is a law that disallows any physical connection of the 
LAN for pupils and that for the administration, as there a too many 
sensitive data on the latter. Hence I'd say, such software should 
rather be added to a special, administrative edition of skolelinux.

Personally, I am involved into designing our school's schedule. There 
are more than 100 teachers and about 50 classes and even more courses 
involved. On Redmond OSes, gp-untis by pedav seems to be the state of 
the art (runs in wine). Comparisms with FET/possibilities of import 
would be very interesting to me.

As for the administrative tool, even within my own country, each state 
(Bundesland) has its own tool which is often supplied by the state 
itself. The laws, naming etc. differ so much that I couldn't imagine 
there was one universal tool for all.


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