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Re: School admin tools....

rgx wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 25. März 2004 15:14 schrieb Sajith VK:
2. FET : School Timetabling
       A good timetabling software using genetic algorithm.
       Debian package not available (?)

Dear Sajiht,

thank you very much for these hints! Of course, we should also boost migration of the administrational level at schools. As for Germany, however, there is a law that disallows any physical connection of the LAN for pupils and that for the administration, as there a too many sensitive data on the latter. Hence I'd say, such software should rather be added to a special, administrative edition of skolelinux.

It's in Austria the same. Oh, well, not exactly ;) The administration
is done in the same network (in a seperate subnet, with access lists)
but the submission to the main administration is done over it's own
network (which is physically seperated in the school, but after the
two cable-modems both networks go to the same cable...

Personally, I am involved into designing our school's schedule. There are more than 100 teachers and about 50 classes and even more courses involved. On Redmond OSes, gp-untis by pedav seems to be the state of the art (runs in wine). Comparisms with FET/possibilities of import would be very interesting to me.

Oh, never tried, gpuntis runs in wine? That's good... I'm not involved
in these administrative tasks, I'm responsible for account management
(we currently build groups and email lists for all teachers of a
department, all teachers of a class and all teachers who teach similar
subjects out from the gp-untis export (which is a CSV file) and store
them in LDAP - if somebody is interested in this, i have no problem
with sharing the script)

Currently we're working on an gp-untis to ical interface...

As for the administrative tool, even within my own country, each state (Bundesland) has its own tool which is often supplied by the state itself. The laws, naming etc. differ so much that I couldn't imagine there was one universal tool for all.

But in fact the problem is not the administration of these data, the
problem is the administration of students, here in Austria nearly each
school has it's own software, and i think there is really need for some

best regards, Markus
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