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Re: School admin tools....

tor, 25.03.2004 kl. 15.14 skrev Sajith VK:
> Hi,
> 	Two promising tools for school administration.
> 1. Schooltool : Compleete school administration
> 	http://schooltool.org/
> 	A promising project, developping very fast.
> 	 Deb packages are available
> 2. FET : School Timetabling 
> 	http://www.lalescu.ro/liviu/fet/index.html
> 	A good timetabling software using genetic algorithm.
> 	Debian package not available (?)
>  Is these packages already in consideration? 

Not for 1.0, but we are going to look at them in the future.

> Also as skolelinux is a single CD distribution, do we have 
> space left for more softwares?

We are WERY full. No more space on the CD. We will have to remowe other
aplications before we can add anything more.


> -- 
> "Freedom Matters"
> Sajith VK

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