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Re: location of home directories

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere <at> hungry.com> writes:  
> [Peter Carsten]  
> > Litle inconsistency though is between tjener.intern and /skole/ as  
> > domain part. Also for this case I'd suggest using skole.lan as  
> > domain. (Bug #555) (And a FS with global namespace support in the  
> > long run (/afs/skole.lan/home)  
> There are several types of domains.  DNS domain and mounting domain is  
> not the same. :)  
> The mounting domain can choose freely any name, but the DNS domain  
> must avoid colliding with any existing or future domain.  
The the difference in namespace may not be that important.  
I am suggesting a more general default for the mountpoint so that an 
organization is all set just by customizing the domain name. 
Assuming the standard case to be one server serving only  
one domain, /net/ might be just fine. 
The multiple domain serving case will need additional  
customization anyway.  
The reason I propose those things is that I think it is better to make 
customization mostly unnecessary than making it an administration 
task, for the overworked admin (teacher). 
(The install with good defaults idea.)  
This also aplies to the following.  
> I'm not sure what you are trying to say here?  The point of using  
> home0 is to indicate that it is useful to add home1, home2 and more.  
> It is a good thing to avoid putting too many users on a single file  
> system, to make sure they do not disturbe too many users when the file  
> system is full, and to give a signal to the users that they should not  
> spend unlimited amount of disk space.  
Fractioning the diskspace as you suggest with home0 increases the 
administration work. Monitoring, moving users, partitions, setting 
up new mounts, etc is not very productive.  
A admin interaction is only really necessary if overall limits will be hit. 
Establishing extra partition hard-limits doesn't seem benefical.  
Diskquota (Bug #450) is there to take care of limiting users "du" 
and gives notifications.  
LVM is here to seamlessly cope with changing diskspace needs.  
That is why I think keeping around N home[n] is readily avoidable.  

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