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Re: location of home directories

> I wondered why they are not under /home and have not found info/reasoning
> for using tjener.intern:/skole/tjener/home0.
> Does anyone know by what standard this goes or have a pointer?

I didn't find any references when I had a quick look on google.

The idea is to have a /<domain/<hostname>/<partition>/, to have a
system where the paths can be the same on every host, both the servers
and the clients.

It is not a good idea to mount NFS volumes on / (as in /home/),
because this will block all software resolving paths when the
NFS-server is unavailable.  The <domain> part is to group all hosts
with a common domain in one directory.  This is useful for servers
serving several domains.

This idea is also implemented by cfengine (check homeservers).

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