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Re: location of home directories

[Peter Carsten]
> Litle inconsistency though is between tjener.intern and /skole/ as
> domain part. Also for this case I'd suggest using skole.lan as
> domain. (Bug #555) (And a FS with global namespace support in the
> long run (/afs/skole.lan/home)

There are several types of domains.  DNS domain and mounting domain is
not the same. :)

The mounting domain can choose freely any name, but the DNS domain
must avoid colliding with any existing or future domain.

> And as <partition> or <filesystem> may also suggest they probably
> shouldn't be enumarated by default (like home0) since those kind of
> specifics should probably only need to be changed in one single
> place (LVM) homeX probably used to be a workaround to allow adding
> volumes?

I'm not sure what you are trying to say here?  The point of using
home0 is to indicate that it is useful to add home1, home2 and more.
It is a good thing to avoid putting too many users on a single file
system, to make sure they do not disturbe too many users when the file
system is full, and to give a signal to the users that they should not
spend unlimited amount of disk space.

> (I am looking through my skolelinux test install an reporting things
> that are probably harder to correct after 1.0, (I am not trying to
> annoy you ;-) )

No problem with me answering questions.  It just may take some time
before I get to them. :)

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