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Re: location of home directories

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere <at> hungry.com> writes: 
> [p.carsten] 
> > I wondered why they are not under /home and have not found info/reasoning 
> > for using tjener.intern:/skole/tjener/home0. 
> >  
> > Does anyone know by what standard this goes or have a pointer? 
> I didn't find any references when I had a quick look on google. 
> The idea is to have a /<domain/<hostname>/<partition>/, to have a 
> system where the paths can be the same on every host, both the servers 
> and the clients. 
> It is not a good idea to mount NFS volumes on / (as in /home/), 
> because this will block all software resolving paths when the 
> NFS-server is unavailable.  The <domain> part is to group all hosts 
> with a common domain in one directory.  This is useful for servers 
> serving several domains. 
Thank you for your clarification, for the genaral case with multiple domains I 
see the benefit. (It tries to assemble a global naming scheme "by 
Litle inconsistency though is between tjener.intern and /skole/ as domain 
part. Also for this case I'd suggest using skole.lan as domain. (Bug #555) 
(And a FS with global namespace support in the long run (/afs/skole.lan/home) 
And as <partition> or <filesystem> may also suggest they probably shouldn't be 
enumarated by default (like home0) since those kind of specifics should 
probably only need to be changed in one single place (LVM) homeX probably used 
to be a workaround to allow adding volumes? 
(I am looking through my skolelinux test install an reporting things that are 
probably harder to correct after 1.0, (I am not trying to annoy you ;-) ) 

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