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Re: location of home directories

> I wondered why they are not under /home and have not found info/reasoning
> for using tjener.intern:/skole/tjener/home0.
> Does anyone know by what standard this goes or have a pointer?
> skole.lan:/home as default, customizeable to
> mydomain.de or mydomain.lan still seems more reasonable to me.

I think this may be some kind of skole-internal home-directories, so that
it is possible to have more home directories on different server
distributions (althought I have no idea why this may be needed).

A scheme like /home/<server>/<uid> or /<server>/home/<uid> would be good
if you have a lot of users who may have their home directories distributed
over different servers (maybe a server for students, and one for teachers,
or one server for each department?). If you use /home/ you may have
problems to mount the different home directories into the same directory
so that it is possible to access all homedirs on each server.

best regards, Markus

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