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> ... to isolate the cause of the
> problem by somehow recognize when the NFS swap is actually used and take
> a snapshot of the processes running on the client, together with their
> footprint. This could help reveal any memory leaks or otherwise bloated
> processes.

what do you run on the ThinClient ? any other software than standard LTSP3 ?

LTSP3 needs 16-20MB RAM on the ThinClient when NOT using a Font-Server.
I have no experience with Font-Servers. I heard rumors that Fontservers
have problems when used by many Clients(=X Servers).
So far noone could answer my question if XFree86 needs more RAM with or
without using a Font-Server.

> In LTSP 4 you can read /proc so you could 
> get the memory statistics and other pertinent easily. I guess the 
> software used to enable this could be ported to LTSP 3, but who has 
> access to a Red Hat Linux 7.0 machine these days ;-)

there is no need to port anything, look in the contrib area of
the LTSP Website. there is a little program call "spy" that you install
(copy) into /opt/ltsp/.... 
It lets you read any file or directory on the ThinClient, also /proc

> Anyone here that can help suggest what specific info is relevant to grab
> (and maybe even have a script to do it).


shows numbers, every number is a Process(it's Process ID)
and is also a dircetory tah contains more info about the process.

/proc/<PID>/cmdline   tells you the name of the program
/proc/<PID>/status    shows yout the memory usage


shows you (in total) how much RAM & Swap is used for all processes.

> ...which is the reason for LTSP 3 not being part of Debian!

is LTSP 4 already part of Debian ?

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