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Jonas Smedegaard skrev:

| I guess this is true, lots of different clients all behaving the same.
| There should not be a need to dig too deep, it's a simple problem to
| both diagnose and solve. If you have thin clients with RAM >= 32 MB RAM,
| use NFS swap :-)

Ahem, I think you meant the opposite there: if RAM <= 32 MB then use NFS
swap :-)

I stand corrected. My apologies.

Just a thought: Maybe it would be possible to isolate the cause of the
problem by somehow recognize when the NFS swap is actually used and take
a snapshot of the processes running on the client, together with their
footprint. This could help reveal any memory leaks or otherwise bloated

I'm sure this could be done. In LTSP 4 you can read /proc so you could get the memory statistics and other pertinent easily. I guess the software used to enable this could be ported to LTSP 3, but who has access to a Red Hat Linux 7.0 machine these days ;-)

(It's a little known fact that every single thin client using Skolelinux as a server runs a stripped down version of Red Hat Linux 7.0 aka LTSP 3 ;-))

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