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Ragnar Wisloff wrote:
| Jonas Smedegaard skrev:

|> Just a thought: Maybe it would be possible to isolate the cause of the
|> problem by somehow recognize when the NFS swap is actually used and take
|> a snapshot of the processes running on the client, together with their
|> footprint. This could help reveal any memory leaks or otherwise bloated
|> processes.
| I'm sure this could be done. In LTSP 4 you can read /proc so you could
| get the memory statistics and other pertinent easily.

Anyone here that can help suggest what specific info is relevant to grab
(and maybe even have a script to do it).

Personally I use lessdisks, where this info is also easily grabbed.

Such a process-usage-dump script would probably be useful also to
investigate servers: Ask the local admin to do a dump while serving lots
of clients (or while they experience that slowdown on the thin clients
that they were puzzled about) and us developers can investigate it
without needing access to the specific Skolelinux network.

| (It's a little known fact that every single thin client using Skolelinux
| as a server runs a stripped down version of Red Hat Linux 7.0 aka LTSP 3
| ;-))

...which is the reason for LTSP 3 not being part of Debian!

~ - Jonas

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