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Re: [OT] Forum - was: New Mailinglist: debian-edu-core

Mario Fux a écrit :

Am Freitag, 19. März 2004 16.19 schrieb Markus Schabel:

Good morning
I personally prefer the mailinglist too but there is a solution.
We (ALIS - Arbeitsgruppe Linux an Schulen (workgroup linux at school)) have a forum which "is" at the same time a mailinglist. You can write an email to the mailinglist and it appears in the forum as well and if somebody answers to it on the forum there is a answer in the mailinglist too.
You find our forums at: http://www.edux.ch
(atm german and french only, but soon in italian and rumantsch too and perhaps sometime in the future in english too ;-)


Good evening,

This would be a very good solution for those (like me) who are not concerned by each thread. It would prevent us from having so much mail every day.

Do you think a similar solution could be applied to SkoleLinux/Debian-Edu mailing-list?


Julien V.

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