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Re: [OT] Forum - was: New Mailinglist: debian-edu-core

Friday 19 March 2004 18:40, wrote Julien Valroff:
> Good evening,
> This would be a very good solution for those (like me) who are not
> concerned by each thread. It would prevent us from having so much mail
> every day.
> Do you think a similar solution could be applied to
> SkoleLinux/Debian-Edu mailing-list?

gmane.org is a "Mail To News And Back Again" solution, and they actually have 
the Skolelinux/debian-edu mailing lists in their archive. 

The debian-edu mailing list is called "gmaine.linux.skolelinux.devel" (Based 
on the old name for the mail archive)

So fire up your favorite news reader and connect to the gmane.org server. 


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