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[OT] Forum - was: New Mailinglist: debian-edu-core

Kermit Jones wrote:

p.carsten@arcor.de wrote:
I was gone for one week and received 140 mailings from the list. Most of which do not concern my interest in skolelinux.

Most of the discussions would have fit much better in a forums-like environment. Threads are easy to track, changes or posting can be subscribed to and you can receive summary emails as often as desired.

Has anyone considered this idea? phpBB, perhaps? It would also be easy to provide forums for troubleshooting, etc. for teachers and students.

I think a mailing-list is still the best solution. Most email clients
(except m$ outlook) support a threaded display of mails, so the
difference between a forum and a mailinglist is not that great.

What I love on mailing-lists is that I can read them whenever I want
since they are available in my mailbox and there is no need for an
internet connection (thinking about sitting in the sun ;))

The problem with forums is that you cannot answer per email (I don't
know any forum that is able to do this), so you have to go online to
put away your 2 cent, and when you use a mailinglist they will be
automatically sent when you go online the next time. That means it is
far more easy to answer for busy people ;)

btw: I've discussed the forum-newsgroup-mailinglist thing a lot of times
and it is a very good thing for a flamewar, since nearly everybody has
his own favourite solution...

best regards, Markus
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