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Ragnar Wisloff wrote:

|> I find it difficult to understand that to be true, unless you are
|> talking about "half-fat clients" - that is, thin clients but with some
|> programs (or floppy/sound daemon) running locally.
| Believe what you want, my experience is with real life school
| installations using proper thin clients and that become stable using NFS
| swap :-) No local daemons were in use.

Sorry - it was not my intention to question the truth of your info.

Let me put it differently: Do you recall the setup of those thin clients
stabilizing with NFS-swap enabled? Did they have 32MB ram or even less
than that? Did they use 10Mbit or 100Mbit NICs? PCI bus? Do you recall
the brand and name of the the machines?

Off course, if you refer to "a whole bunch of different setups all
behaving exactly the same" then my question is irrelevant - but that
info is indeed relevant (so that I waste no more time digging into this).

It is possible with LTSP used in Skolelinux to enable local access to
floppy drives and sound hardware, and to execute some applications
locally on the clients. Do you recall wether or not you used any of
those features on your "memory challenged" thin clients?

If you don't recall that, but usually enable those features generally
that is valuable info as well :-)

~ - Jonas

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