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Re: squeak

* ajsiegel@optonline.net (ajsiegel@optonline.net) [040316 22:55]:
> > * Carl Devos (carl@hellea.be) [040316 16:29]:
> > > See http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/501
> > 
> > this looks complicated.
> The other possibility is to take more of a principled position.  It is complicated
> because of Alan Kay's decisions.
> Disney had no business being in this business. 
> And IMO, Kay no business in working to help them.
> It was an extremely dangerous alliance, which thankfully seems
> to have fallen apart of its own accord.
> Is a strategic decision now by the Squeak folks to align themselves
> with the "Open Source Intitiative" qualitatively different from the
> decision to work hand in hand with Disney.
> Of course there are licensing issues as a result of all this.

do you have some more insight in this? can you estimate how fast
this can be resolved?

is the process moving forward at all? in what direction?

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