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Re: Not a discussion list?

[sajithvk@hotpop.com] wrote
> 3. At the time of the decision, Kde didnt support indian language
> rendering. But gnome did.(Through pango).
> 4. Due to fact no3, L10n projects where more active on Gnome.
> For example my language, "malayalam" has gnome localised to
> a good extent, but for kde, its just started.....

I take it you're working in Kerala then? Which of course is renowned for
its success at bringing literacy and education to all. DebianEdu seems 
like a logical next step ;-)

As a matter of fact, I'm planning to go to southern India in a couple of
weeks. Though I will be mainly in Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh, it would
be interesting to make a brief detour to Kerela to see the work you're
doing there (along with some of famed natural beauty, of course). Are you
aware of similar efforts in AP or Karnataka, i.e. FOSS for Telugu and
Kannada education etc.?

> 	We wish to cooperate with other groups with the same
> aim. Skolelinux should become defacto standard for "Freesoftware
> in education". In near future, we wish to make our distribution
> "skolelinux based"...., which will be a customisation of skolelinux
> (live cd?) to our curriculum and cultural symbols.

I think that sounds terrific. Maybe you (or some artist you know) will
come up with a submission for Skolelinux mascot as well!

Knut Staring

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