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Re: Not a discussion list?

Skolelinux is one of the project we planned to use.
(as It is listed in ofset.org) But nothing is now available in
English, in there web page. Ofcause skolelinux will be better
product than ours, and in some future time, we too need to switch
to it, but not now.
The motivation behind our project is to get Debian GNU/Linux
installed in schools here. The best way was to have a custom morphix

Ok, I will try to learn more on skolelinux and how can we use it....

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 18:30, cobaco wrote:

> - - you could help to make skolelinux available in your local languages, the 
> procedure for adding a new language is detailed on 
> http://i18n.skolelinux.no/new-language.html, not counting documentation 
> this takes a couple of hours at most.
> - - help with documentation by: 
>    - helping the german team with the requirements specifacation by asking
>      local teachers what they want/expect from a school network.
>    - translating existing documentation to local languages 
>    - writing new documentation (e.g. howtos about how to use certain
>       applications for teaching)
> - - test new release when they come out and report bugs
> ...
> In short there's plenty to do for non-packagers and non-coders
> - -- 
> Bart Cornelis (aka cobaco):
>     Coördinator Belgisch Skolelinux team
>     Coördinator Nederlandse Skolelinux vertaling
> Skolelinux België- http://i18n.skolelinux.no/belgium
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