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Re: Not a discussion list?

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 07:49:54PM +0800, David Palmer wrote:
> Who exactly do we have on this list, and what potential do you see, or 
> hope to realise from Debian-edu?

I am the project leader for Debian Jr.  I need to be here to keep tabs on 
what is happening so that I don't unnecessarily duplicate effort.  I also 
would like to improve Debian Jr.'s development processes by watching a 
successful CDD in action.  I consider what debian-edu is doing on the CDD 
front to be on the cutting edge.

> For myself, I'm looking at starting off something educational with 
> Debian, but in a classroom setting of age groups from nine years to 
> perhaps fourteen years, and after that extending onwards, following 
> through as they get older.

There has always been a strong personal motivation for my involvement with
Debian.  With Debian Jr. my motivation is to have fun exploring and using
Debian with my own kids at home, and make it better for them.  This starts
with the younger children and extends right up to however old my children
will be when they advance from "made for kids" things into the world of
adults.  At the same time, our family is homeschooling, and the work of
debian-edu will likely have benefits for us when the children turn to the
computer specifically as a tool for learning.

Coupled with this personal motivation is a strong social vision.  I would
like to see families everywhere be the masters of their own computer
systems, fitting them into their lives comfortably and usefully.  The gap
that exists between the technologically adept and the common family can be
narrowed by forging stronger relationships between developers, users, and
the social groupings in which all of us move: schools, homeschooling
associations, recreation centres, libraries, workplaces, and the like, not
to mention our own families, where that is possible, and other families 
around us.

So, in addition to the organizational/technical reasons for me being here, I
hope to meet and work with people within Debian-edu who share in and help
advance these personal and social goals.

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