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Re: Recommended anti-virus software on file servers?

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 14:28, Ragnar Wisloff wrote:
> Herman Robak skrev:
> > Do we have any free software that can provide decent
> > virus protection for Windows clients?  In mixed environments
> > anti-virus is pretty much required for the computers running
> > Windows.  We provide Samba, hence we support Windows clients.
> We don't have that, but using exiscan and clamav is rumoured to give
> good results, possibly coupled with spamassassin for spam control.
> I have no idea if there are Debian packages for this though.
The packages from backports work fine, I have them on all the servers I 
administer, but they are not official, so I don't know if we should recommend 

Best regards
Allan Jacobsen

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