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Re: Recommended anti-virus software on file servers?

Herman Robak wrote:
Do we have any free software that can provide decent
virus protection for Windows clients?  In mixed environments
anti-virus is pretty much required for the computers running
Windows.  We provide Samba, hence we support Windows clients.

Similar to the "Windows support" through Samba, there's ClamAV (Debian package "clamav") that can scan for viruses server-side (placed on a Samba share and/or as an email filter.

For scanning within certain types of archives non-free tools are needed.

For use as an email filter I have very good experience using AMaViS (Debian package (amavisd-new) together with Postfix. I don't know which variant of AMaViS is best for use together with Exim, the default MTA in Debian.

 - Jonas

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