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Re: Common Live CD base and generator (was: Educational Collaboration)

> Fleny68 a écrit :

> >>    One of the tremendous strengths of Morphix, and the main reason my 
> >>non-profit has chosen it, is that it very easily allows for 
> >>customization of a LiveCD.  Want KDE? Place the KDE-MainModule into the 
> >>mainmod directory.  Want to add OpenOffice? Place the 
> >>OpenOffice-MiniModule
> > 
> > 
> > Projects like morphix are magnificent, however each module needs
> maintenence outside of debian.
> > 
> > The idea I would like a litle more would be a project to include a live CD
> base package into debian. Maybe with support from Morphix and others.
> > 
> > A Debian Live CD generator, somthing like jigdo[1] for live CDs that can
> draw any .deb into a live CD.
> That'my opinion too.

> AFAIK jigdo is not possible. Because all the knoppix like liveCD use 
> compressed filesystems (cloop for knoppix and directly derived works, i 
> use squashfs in my k-mib-ppc, and there is othoer possibility like 
> gcloop, utx,... ).

As far as I could tell jigdo does not work with filesystems at all at the
moment, it reasembles the iso from chunks of data. As a frontend it would
need a separate tool for local live CD creation. But there are already some!
The ones I found are listed at: http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?LiveCD

I just read though this thread[1] at debian-devel about including knoppix
things in debian. Just like you also wrote the general problem of customizing
the configuration came up too. And for that I'd picture to use CFG[2]
and packaged meta-config definitions.




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