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Re: Recent presentation on Kid's Software for Linux

[Bill Kendrick]
> Hrm - You might ask if you can get listed on the "Software Resources" page:
>   http://www.schoolforge.net/software.php
> I think that's as far as I went when rushing to put my slides together...

Probably a good idea.  I'll try to get that done.

> *embarassed* I don't think I did know! :^)

I am glad I could make sure you know now. :)

> Do what I do!  Write your own article!  :^) I have two up on
> DesktopLinux.com front page right now... :^)

My skills seem to be in developing technology and software, not it
writing about it.  Because of this, I leave the article writing to
someone else, and concentrate on developing Skolelinux. :)

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