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Re: [debian-edu] Re: Recent presentation on Kid's Software for Linux

[Bill Kendrick]
> Yes!  I'm sorry I forgot to mention it in my presentation!  I put it
> together very quickly, and mostly used sites like SchoolForge as a
> starting point.
> Is Skolelinux mentioned there?  It should be, if not! :^)

Skolelinux should be listed on SchoolForge, yes.

> You may also want to get together with OFSET, which is based in
> France.

We would love to, but I am not sure if we are.  We are in contact with
someone in France, but I am not sure if they are part of the OFSET

> I'm glad Skolelinux is taking off so well, and wish it luck!  Keep
> us abreast of the progress!

We will.  You are aware that we took over the Debian Edu subproject,
and are integrating all of Skolelinux into Debian using that umbrella?

> (Maybe you should write a little article for DesktopLinux.com which
> talks about it!? :) )

That would be nice if someone wrote articles about it there (And Linux
Magazine, Linux Journal and all the others. :)

We are thinking about moving our english-speaking development list
from devel@skolelinux.no to the debian-edu mailing list.  Would this
be OK with the current debian-edu subscribers?

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