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FYI: tonight 6pm Union Square protest supporting net-neutrality

This is in reaction to FCC's latest proposal that gets rid of net
neutrality as we know it today.

(Apologies if this is off-topic, but my thoughts are that most Debian
folks are in favor of net neutrality.)


WHAT: Emergency protest and vigil to save net neutrality, the
principle that protects free speech on the Internet.

WHEN: Thursday, November 6th, 6pm

WHERE: Gather in Union Square Park in New York City, New York
In front of the Whole Foods Market, Union Square

BRING: A cell phone, laptop, tablet, flashlight, glowstick, or candle,
to shine light on the corruption unfolding in our government. If you
can, hold the device you use to connect to the Internet over your head
in protest.

WHY NOW? Read on.

National call to action: https://cms.fightforthefuture.org/emergency

The Wall Street Journal just reported on a leaked proposal that
confirms our worst fears despite receiving nearly 4 million public
comments calling for strong net neutrality, the FCC is still hurtling
toward a FAKE proposal that leaves the door wide open for Cable
company censorship and abuse of the Internet.

We need a massive response RIGHT NOW to show President Obama, the FCC,
and the world that the Internet will accept nothing less than lasting
net neutrality through Title II reclassification.

On November 6th, we will gather at government buildings nationwide and
hold our cell phones, candles, and flashlights up to shine light on
the corruption that is unfolding in Washington, DC, and demand a free
and uncensored Internet for all.

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