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RSVP open: Monday Dec 1st, The Annual NYC Tech Holiday

Note: Please RSVP at http://rsvp.nylug.org/metaparty2014 (meetup link)
to be sure your entry. This is our preferred method, as it makes tracking
RSVP counts a lot simpler, but if you don't/won't use meetup, the NYC
BSD Users Group is accepting emailed RSVPs for the party. (rsvp-dec
at nycbug dot org)

- The Annual NYC Tech Holiday Meta-Party -

When: 7:00 PM until ?, Monday, December 1, 2014

NYC technical user groups are joining forces to hold another holiday
party to remember!

Groups include:

- AWSNewYork (for users of Amazon Web Services)
- CFSG (Community Free Software Group)
- ChefNYC (for users of Chef)
- DebianNYC (New York Debian Local Group)
- DigitalOceanNYC (for users of Digital Ocean)
- DockerNewYork (for users of Docker)
- DrupalNYC (Drupal New York City)
- Lopsa-NYC (League of Professional System Administrators New York City Chapter)
- LispNYC (New York City Lisp User Group)
- NYC*BUG (New York City *BSD User Group)
- NYCCloudFoundry (users of Cloud Foundry PaaS)
- nycdevops (New York City Devops Meetup Group)
- NYC-Clojure (NYC Clojure Users Group)
- NYC-OCaml (The NYC OCaml Meetup)
- NYCPUG (NYC PostgreSQL User Group)
- NYC PyLadies (Mentoring women in Python)
- NY-Haskell (New York Haskell Users Group)
- NYLUG (New York Linux Users Group)
- NYPHP (New York PHP User Group)
- PuppetNYC (New York Puppet User Group)
- TA3M (Techo Activist Third Mondays)
- UNIGROUP (New York City's Unix User's Group)

Everyone of all types of expertise and interests are welcome.  The
party starts at 7 PM and will continue until at least 10 PM.  It is
the ideal networking opportunity of the season, and a chance to
connect with old friends and make new ones.

Our generous sponsors are covering drinks and hors d'oeuvres for the
evening.  (Until the funds run out, at which point everyone is welcome
to stay and partake of the cash bar.)

The current list of sponsors includes:

- New York Internet (NYI)
- InformIT (Imprints include Addison-Wesley, Prentice Hall, SAMS & more!)
- Brandorr Group
- LispNYC
- Amazon Web Services
- Digital Ocean
- Chef
- 2U, Inc
- Jane Street
- NYC PostgreSQL User Group
- Serverfault.com / StackOverflow.com (Stack Echange's sites for
sysadmins and developers)
- New York Times
- Plated.com

Additional sponsors are welcome to join in and show their support for
New York City's technical community.  Contact us at
brian.gupta@brandorr.com  and ajordan@gmail.com.

Help us make the 2014 holiday party a success!

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