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Re: [Debian-NYC] [Debconf10-localteam] Our next meeting April 24th 14:00-17:00

I like drop.io as a location. Or since it is no longer supposed to rain tomorrow, I can offer up my backyard, which has power and open wifi :-D. I have about 10 outdoor chairs, and a couple benches, but only one table. That's what laptops are for ;)

Its near Pacific Standard, 115 Prospect Pl @ Flatbush.


On Apr 21, 2010, at 10:46 PM, Lee Azzarello wrote:

I got the drop.io space, as I work there. I'm actually going to be
rehearsing at the drop.io space on the 24th for an art project I'm
part of. If you would like to take one of the conference rooms during
the afternoon, you are welcome to it as long as I can lock up at a
reasonable hour.


On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 4:06 PM, Gabriella Coleman <biella@nyu.edu> wrote:
Pablo Duboue wrote:
On 4/21/10, Gabriella Coleman <biella@nyu.edu> wrote:
Would anyone like to volunteer a place?

If people want to trade time for space (a common computer science
tradeoff) you're welcomed at my place in-the-middle-of-nowhere. But
beware of the suburban train fares, it's not only a 35' train ride, it
is also $15 round trip ;-)

So no offense but I think we should keep it a location that is easy for
most people to get to :-)

If the day is nice, I vouch for the park on the back of NY public
library, in 42th street.

That sounds very nice but I also wonder whether we should have net
access as it might help with our tasks/work.

Any other suggestions? places? I might volunteer might place again but am waiting to see whether there also might be another place that works as well. Who got us the space in drop.io? Can we ask them perhaps for space?




Gabriella Coleman, Assistant Professor
Department of Media, Culture, & Communication
New York University
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