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Re: [Debian-NYC] DebConf10 pre-proposal: New York City

On Mon, 2008-08-11 at 15:56 -0400, Micah Anderson wrote:
> Ok, now that I've gotten that Obama rant off my chest. I want to raise
> a few concerns that are totally on-topic, about this proposal. Please
> do not take these concerns as blocking for this idea, I just think we
> need to be clear here what is going on.
> 1. Making a proposal[0] to have NYC as the Debconf venue with less
> than 24 hours notice to NYC people seems a little rushed and
> disorganized to me. I'm not even sure I know what the list
> 'debian-events-na' even is, but asking on that list, at the bottom of
> a long email:
>        "Please speak up if you would be willing to help put in the
>        significant amount of time it would take to organize DebConf10 in the
>        US. I'll need to hear from some of you by Tuesday if I am to go ahead
>        with the proposal."
> Without even mentioning it on the list that has a much wider NYC
> debian subscriber base (the Debian NYC Social list), strikes me as the
> first step towards certain chaos. I would expect the debconf
> organizers are expecting that a local NYC group of people are meeting
> and talking about the possibility long before making a proposal. I
> would expect a decision about the relative viability and how to make
> such a presentation would be carefully planned, rather than simply
> thrown over the wall the day beforehand and hope that people will step
> up to the plate. If I were responsible for picking the venue for next
> year, this would make my eyebrows raise and I'd be concerned that this
> serves as a model of how the organization of the conference was going
> to happen.

I thought tomorrow's meeting was not exactly for making a proper formal
discussion. I think it was more intended for people to get an idea on
what other MIGHT present formally later on, when a proper deadline by
the DebConf cabal was announced. Can you please clarify, Jimmy?

> 2. The criteria for hosting a debconf[1] do not seem to be met
> here. "Strong, mature, experienced local team"? Getting a list of
> people who say that they can help out, less than a day before the
> proposal is to be made does not strike me as a "strong local team"
> that has any sort of committment. This could change, but lets be
> honest here, Debian NYC people are not strongly organized. We maybe
> get together for a beer every 6 months, but only if someone just names
> a time and place. 

This is not always true. From what I know, Gunnar Wolf was the main
local team organizer in DC6 and he started just like this. There wasn't
a strong, mature and experienced local team in that case (and still
isn't), but it started to grow as the event approached. This is
basically a bit chaotic for most of the new German DebConf management
but it doesn't imply that it cannot be tried to be achieved or that it
would miserably fail.

> 3. Space is a premium in this city, and hard to come by for a large
> group of people. I think its possible to get something, but I do not
> think a major university is going to have space to give up for several
> hundred people for a week (or more). Even with connections to NYU and
> Columbia, I know that space is the biggest problem at these
> universities, and I am sure at the others in the city as well. Perhaps
> a warehouse in brooklyn is more realistic.
> 4. "everyone speaks English, so no language barrier for a 3rd year in
> a row" -- I suspect this is just a mistake, as everyone seemed to
> speak English in Scotland last year.

I think Jimmy meant to not have Spanish as first language in DC10 after
Argentina and Spain.

> 5. "Many countries (e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Russia) can get a visa
> within a month". At least Brasilians will be required to pay $150 USD
> for a visa, thats a lot.

This varies from the kind of visa being requested, which is controlled
by the Department of State:
> 6. Organizing debian NYC social get-togethers is not easy, and those
> are just about drinking beer. I am having trouble imagining how it
> would work or local NYC debian related people to organize an entire
> conference without any prior experience trying to organize something
> together.

By the way, given that DebConf8 is happening right now, why don't we,
all of us who couldn't attend it, get together and drink beer?

David Moreno <david@axiombox.com>
 +1 917 715 5664

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