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Re: [PLUG] Debconf 20/21 in India

at bottom :-

On 06/08/2018, akshat <akshat-pg8@iiitmk.ac.in> wrote:
> Thank you, Raju, for the wonderful presentation. It was a quite a nice
> experience in attending DebConf18 and meeting the Debian community. All I
> have seen that most of the people are inclined towards making happen a
> DebConf20 at India which initially we were not thinking about. They have
> forced us to bid this time and we have already accepted the challenge :)
> Let's do the hard work and win the bid.


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> Akshat Singh
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> Pune
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While Pune could be a good bid, although AFAIK only 2-3 international
flights originate from Pune. Most people would probably need to have
Mumbai as the entry point.

One another place I would like to just throw in the ring is SECMOL





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of Phunsukh Wangdu in 3 Idiots



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It would be a great place to have a minidebconf  at the very least.

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