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Debconf 20/21 in India

Namaste Everyone,
I have not replied to the thread going on PLUG mailing list for a while.
Although I have been reading all the mails.

This years's bid was not a formal bid and was a mere expression of
And we did good on that front. A lot of people are interested.

Usually the bidding countries need to Bid twice to get the bid.
A formal bid will take place next year in Brazil, with more
detailed,concrete information.

Here are some of my replies/requests/opinions

1. Thanks to all those who praised the presentation at DebConf 18.
Along with the link that Amey posted about it, here is the youtube link
for the Bid


2. I have been reading all the suggestions and concerns about the
conference posted on this and various mailing lists.
-    Just a request please move the discussions to Debian India mailing
list. Kumar did CC Debian India mailing  list in one of the mails.
That is the expected approach. CC local LUG's only when they are involved.

moving the discussions to PLUG  makes no sense, until we have a
confirmation that we are having the conference in Pune.
That is yet to be decided and discussions about the same will be
initiated soon.

- Lets all work constructively in organizing a great DebConf In India
whenever and wherever it happens.

3. Please do not drag people from Debian into the discussions here in.
Draging the Debian project leader / anyone else from Debian  is not
They are very very very busy people. Drag them in discussions only when
We first have to take some concrete steps on our own before involving

4. There have been a few suggestions about the Venue's.
 - IIT Bombay is certainly a great location according to me as well. 
But we are yet to decide on the place.
We will be initiating a call for venues later on the mailing list.
If local lugs can help out and talk to the probable venues. We can then
compile a list and decide from them later.

5. Call for volunteers.
We will be Initiating a separate call for volunteers about the same for
specific tasks related to the bidding and organization of the conference.
This will be done on the Debian India Mailing list, keeping local LUG's
in CC

that is the list for now. Lets everyone collaborate effectively together
and make the DebConf in India a great great success.
Most of the people know that I bid for DebConf in India.
But do you know I also bid for one more conference in India.
More on that in a separate thread later.

Raju Devidas

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