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Re: [PLUG] Debconf 20/21 in India

at bottom :-

On 06/08/2018, Skool!lookS <look.kool@guruvision.com> wrote:
> Without wasting my time in analyzing what you are trying to say or
> purportedly attempting to appear to say I will replace one word
> "descend" with two appearing as "climb down" in my previous post.
> Others may and can contributely freely to this debate ONLY today,
> because tomorrow is another (meaning disrespectful) day for me when
> written thus.


Nope, they already do it in universities and people who go to hotels
do of their own free will.

Btw why don't you put @debian-in while asking your questions, nobody I
know at least in PLUG has answered or will answer.

And once and for all, who are you to talk on behalf of debian-india
please share ?  As shared before, it's upto people in Debian-India and
the sponsorers, delegates, organizers etc. whether or not whether they
want to have a Debconf in India or not, most importantly the
organizers when they feel fit to organize Debconf in India, work hard
for it and get the green signal from Debian. If it were not a
prestigious event than don't think people from 3 other countries would
also be trying to woo them to hold Debconf in their country.

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